Richard Greenblatt & David S. Craig. Photo Credit: Tanja-Tiziana for Next Stage Theatre Festival (Toronto)


By David S. Craig & Richard Greenblatt

In an office building in Fort McMurray, Alberta, a senior public relations executive for a major Canadian oil company is confronted by a journalist turned environmental activist, who is violently determined to shut down the Athabasca oil sands. An uncompromising battle of wills that poses the question – how far are you willing to go to save our planet?

NNNN - "The Festival's first site-specific show is a nail-biting, clock-ticking drama about one of the most urgent issues of our time...What a treat to see two veteran actors rip into their parts...The production sold out its entire run shortly after the play opened, but it's worth trying to get on a wait list to see this explosive show."

NOW MagazineGlenn Sumi

★★★ 1/2

"an increasingly intense viewing experience steered skilfully by director Aaron Willis; the design/technical elements are impeccable. Sold out at Next Stage (though a wait list opens up an hour before each show), it deserves a longer run."

Toronto StarKaren Fricker

"A gripping two-hander, the audience gets an intimate, fly-on-the-wall perspective as a journalist and an oil industry executive go head-to-head over the environmental and human tolls of fossil fuel production and use."

"Outstanding work from Craig and Greenblatt in this intense, insightful, darkly funny and poignant two-hander—keeping us at the edge of our seats..."

Life With More CowbellCate McKim

"Athabasca by David S. Craig and Richard Greenblatt is full of passion, intelligence, anger and conscience...right up until the last moments one was not sure how it will end...the production as a whole leaves you with a lot to think about."

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

Production Details

2 Male

90 minutes (no intermission)

By David S. Craig & Richard Greenblatt

Production History

Athabasca premiered in 2019 at the Next Stage Theatre Festival, Toronto, ON, presented by Convergence Theatre in the festival’s first ever site-specific show. The production sold out it’s run shortly after opening.

The Next Stage production of Athabasca was listed as one of “The 50 best things to do in Toronto this winter”(2019) by NOW Magazine.

The original concept of Athabasca was created by Chris Craddock, David S. Craig and Richard Greenblatt.

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