'Care' at Tarragon Theatre. Diane Flacks & Richard Greenblatt. Photo: Cylla Von Tiedemann


By Diane Flacks & Richard Greenblatt

“The important things like love and peace and contentment, those you just have to let happen right?” – CARE

Care centres on Steve and Ellie, a couple sandwiched between the demands of a temperamental baby, high-pressure jobs and an ailing parent.  As they try to meet everyone’s needs, they end up with no time for a personal life: no time for love, intimacy, sex, privacy or peace.  They turn to others for help – an attractive client at work, a volunteer at the nursing home or Yahweh, herself.  Diane and Richard draw from personal, researched, and imagined experience to tell a touching and comic story about care giving and care taking.

A broken relationship has never been so fun to watch… Care is worth the price of admission.

Canadian Jewish NewsDavid Silverberg

Flacks is marvellous in switching identities from a chatty Jewish lady to a born-again Christian to a mysterious Eastern-European woman to a dippy would-be actress. Greenblatt plays Ellie's father with a mixture of humour and pathos.

Eye Weekly

You will recognize the married couple at its centre -- Ellie and Steve, played by Flacks and Greenblatt respectively -- as your friends, neighbours or possibly even yourselves.”

The Globe and MailKamal-Al-Solaylee

Production Details

1 Male

1 Female

100 minutes, no intermission

By Diane Flacks & Richard Greenblatt

Production History

Care was developed in the Tarragon WorkSpace program. It premiered at Tarragon Theatre in April 2006 under the direction of Eda Holmes and starring Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt.

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