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Tree Boy

By Michele Riml

When Avery uncovers a plot by his father to cut down his favourite tree, he enrols his best friend to live with him in the yard (No TV! No video games! Nothing!) to protest. But when a heated debate over soccer and global warming goes sour, Avery questions if he has the guts to be an Enviro-Man or is he merely, as his sister calls him, a Tree Boy.

Avery must stick to his beliefs if he wants to save the tree and convince his father who is always preoccupied with work. Through his protest he also tries to teach his family about energy conservation, much to the chagrin of his sister whose hair dryer he confiscates.

Avery also enlists the help of his friend Sam with whom he learns a valuable lesson about friendship. In the end Avery has to face his fears by spending a night alone in the tree fort next door to a scary teenager.

Themes: Consumerism, Family Relationships, Environment, Friendship, Teamwork, Facing Fears and Taking Action

'Tree Boy' was TERRIFIC!!! It is a good way to learn about nature in a very dramatic way...It taught me to never give up on things you believe in...('Tree Boy' is) everything a play is supposed to be - true, funny... It is a must see!

Saloni, Student

As the principal, I can say that the students and staff really enjoyed the performance.

Harry Edward McMillan, Principal

The set for Tree Boy is, of course, a tree house. We have decided that the tree will be made from both recycled and recyclable materials. Using these materials to build the tree that Avery is trying to save reinforces one of the important themes of the play: things we often throw away without thinking do in fact have value if we look at them in a different way.

Clay HopperAssociate Artistic Director, Olney Theatre Center

Production Details

2 Male

1 Female

45 minutes, 1 act

Theatre for Young Audiences

Age Range: Grades 2-7

By Michele Riml

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Production History

Tree Boy premiered in 2007 at the Green Thumb Theatre in Vancouver BC.  Later that same year, Tree Boy went on tour to elementary schools throughout British Columbia and was part of Chicago Children’s Festival.  The show was a success and toured Canada again in the 2008/2009 season and had a run at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.  The latest production by the Olney Theatre in Olney, Maryland ran from October 17 to 23, 2009.

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