Shawn Macdonald & Amy Rutherford. Photo Itai Erdal

The Amaryllis

By Michele Riml

Lucy is a terrifically talented voice over artist and Jeremy is her troubled agent, who would sooner jump off a cliff before ever following a dream of his own. Sister and brother for better or for worse, these two are inextricably bound. The amaryllis plant – a mysterious gift from a mysterious giver – takes on a strange power over their lives. The Amaryllis is a mystery about what it really takes to grow and a comedy about what it really takes to change.

"...the play reminds us how challenging and fragile change can be and how difficult it is to undertake in isolation."

Donna SpencerArtistic Producer, Firehall Arts Centre

Production Details

1 Male

1 Female

90 minutes

By Michele Riml

Production History

The world premiere of The Amaryllis was co-produced by the Firehall Arts Centre and The Search Party in November 2020

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