Beverley Elliott, Andrew Wheeler & Susinn McFarlen in The Arts Club production of 'Henry and Alice: Into the Wild'. Photo Credit: Emily Cooper

Henry and Alice: Into the Wild

By: Michele Riml

Henry and Alice: Into the Wild is the hilarious sequel to Sexy Laundry.

The wonderful couple from the Michele Riml’s smash hit Sexy Laundry is back! And this time Henry and Alice are camping—sort of! With their economic fortunes taken a downturn, the prospect of an unknown future is bringing new meaning to the idea of “roughing it.” Now, the couple is forced to examine their relationship in the tangle of the wilderness—including collapsing tents, uninvited guests, and their own particular style of alfresco “cuisine.” If they can make it through this weekend, Henry and Alice just might discover how to survive a true mid-life crisis.

If funny, warm and fuzzy is what you're looking for, look no further.

Vancouver Courier(Vancouver, BC)

The highlight of Riml's writing is that it does not matter what age an individual is in order for them to relate to the story, it only matters that they have experienced such emotions and situations.

Vancouver Weekly(Vancouver, BC)

It will make you think about your life. But it will also make you laugh.

Prince George Free Press(Prince George, BC)

There’s lots to learn and like in this sequel to Sexy Laundry: humour, thoughtful dialogue, tender – and not-so-tender moments.

Prince George Free Press(Prince George, BC)

If art is a reflection of life, this play certainly does its bit to mirror the state of many lives at the moment. Without being preachy, it delivers these considerations with laughs and poignancy.

Orangeville Citizen(Orangeville, ON)

The play has its heart in a good place and snappy dialogue

Vancouver Sun(Vancouver, BC)

Not loud or boisterous, this is a chuckle-at-yourself, identify-with-everyone type of comedy… The characters are easy to understand, and live right next door, if not under our very rooves.

Inside Brockville(Brockville, ON)

Production Details

1 Male

2 Female

105 minutes with intermission

By Michele Riml

May 14, 2014

ONGOING: Henry and Alice: Into the Wild (“Vzhůru do divočiny”) – Studio DVA (Prague, Czech Republic), September 2017 – Present

May 14, 2014

ONGOING: Henry and Alice: Into the Wild “Raj dla Opornych” – Teatr Wspolczesny (Wspolczesny, Poland) October 2016 – Present

May 10, 2014

ONGOING: Henry and Alice: Into the Wild (Raj dla Opornych) – Teatr Polonia, Warsaw, Poland, 2015 – Present

May 9, 2014

ONGOING: Henry and Alice: Into the Wild (Raj dla Opornych) – Teatr Wybrzeze, Gdansk, Poland, 2015 – Present

Production History

Henry and Alice: Into the Wild was first presented at the Arts Club Theatre Company in Vancouver in the spring 2012. Even before the premiere, the interest from other companies was tremendous. Since 2012 there have been over a dozen productions produced/ planned across Canada, including runs at the Globe Theatre (Regina, SK), Sudbury Theatre Centre (ON), Thousand Islands Playhouse (Kingston, ON), Theatre Orangeville (ON), Theatre North West Society (Prince George, BC) as well as a BC Tour produced by the Arts Club Theatre Company and an extended run at The Mayfield Dinner Theatre in Edmonton, summer of 2016.

Translated into Polish and Czech, Henry and Alice: Into the Wild premiered in Poland in 2014 and continues to run at major regional theatres.

Premiered in the Czech Republic in 2017.

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