Five Alarm

By Kristen Da Silva

A fairground in Killaloe, Ontario is home to the annual Wayne Rose Memorial Chili Cook Off, where Killaloe residents come each year to compete for the honour and the cash prize. The most determined of these is Ava Rose, who has tried (and failed) to win for sixteen years.

This year, with the help of a new assistant, Ava returns to battle her former childhood friend and rival. If she can piece together her late father’s missing Five Alarm Chili recipe she might just piece together the mysteries of her past.

"This rollercoaster adventure that Ava Rose takes, on her mission to equal the master of all masters chili, is an intriguing and delightfully funny romp that keeps you guessing on what will happen next."

Port Stanley NewsDoug Harvey

"...Da Silva’s script will keep you guessing where the narrative is heading. And the laughs just keep coming."

London Free PressDan Brown

Production Details

2 Male

3 Female

90 minutes, 2 Acts

Suitable for school productions: Students age 14+

By Kristen Da Silva

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Production History

Five Alarm was produced by Port Stanley Festival Theatre, July – August 2017 and Lighthouse Festival Theatre, 2017.

Also produced by The Milton Players and Paris Performers Theatre, 2019.

The script is available for purchase through PGC’s Canadian Play Outlet.

Andy Pogson, Shruti Kothari, Peter Deiwick. Photographer Daniel G. Wiest

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