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The Rules of Playing Risk

By Kristen Da Silva

Unsociable retiree Garfield Lyons is eight weeks into recovery from an accident, aided by nurse Maggie who does house calls at his secluded Parry Sound home, when a letter arrives informing him that his estranged fourteen-year-old grandson Brandon is in need of a place to stay. Prevailed upon by outspoken Maggie, Garfield agrees to house the boy, setting grandfather and grandson on an obstacle course of generational divides and old familial wounds to find connection.

"Smart, sharp dialogue that is rich and just zings...Da Silva has a keen sense for how people think and behave."

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

"Kristen Da Silva has crafted a beautiful story about how we complicate an already complex world, and then lifts us above it through simple acts of love"

Jesse CollinsArtistic Director, The Orillia Opera House

Production Details

2 Male

1 Female

85 minutes

By Kristen Da Silva

Production History

Produced by Theatre Orangeville, 2021 (Filmed play)

Photo: Sharyn Ayliffe Creative

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