Beyond the Sea

By Kristen Da Silva

On a pier in a small town, two strangers stumble into an encounter that just might save them both. Beyond the Sea is a story about the emergence of hope through grief, via two unforgettable characters.

"I didn’t expect to have my heart broken by Gwen and Theo, the two exquisitely drawn characters in Beyond the Sea. But there you go. Real theatre can have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. It does for sure in Da Silva’s heartwarming new play about loss, longing and the possibility of brave fulfillment. Her look at two life-scarred characters, who meet by serendipity one late afternoon on a pier, perhaps in Port Dover, is enchanting...Her dialogue is natural and moving, even when she allows Gwen to fly off into some fantasy world about the sea and the poor drowned “Woman in White” from Wilkie Collins’ Victorian novel. And then there’s Theo. Even when he’s at his most incredible, explaining the neglect and stupidity that lost him his bored and unfaithful wife, we want to hug is 75 minutes of pure wonderful theatre."

The Hamilton SpectatorGary Smith

Production Details

1 Male

1 Female

60 minutes (without intermission)

By Kristen Da Silva

Production History

Lighthouse Festival Theatre, 2021

Showboat Festival Theatre, 2021

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