My Chernobyl

By Aaron Bushkowsky

A fiercely funny satire of a land of rotten potatoes and shattered dreams.

A lonely Canadian man named David reluctantly travels to a village in Belarus irradiated by the 1986 explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to hand over an inheritance to a distant relative as stipulated in his father’s will. Unemployed at home, he still shows up in Eastern Europe with plenty of U.S. dollars only to find out the heir is dead, thus the inheritance reverts to David.

David is squeezed for every buck by an old farmer, Yuri, and a depressed mechanic, Katrina, while his Belarussian cousin, Natasha, starts to angle for wealth through marriage, plus easy immigration to David’s less toxic homeland.

'My Chernobyl' is one of the standout shows of the season. Your best bet for smart, cynical theatre, 'My Chernobyl' gets a glowing recommendation.

The Vancouver Sun Vancouver, Canada

If Gogol had been Canadian, he might have written something like 'My Chernobyl'. I'm still smiling. This is one smart and funny script...You never know which way Bushkowsky is going to go: serious, political, or comedic.

The Vancouver Courier Vancouver, Canada

'My Chernobyl' is a splendidly original work...(it) repeatedly surprised me into laughter - and challenged me to think seriously about why I had laughed.

The Georgia Straight Vancouver, Canada

Don't miss… Aaron Bushkowsky's latest play, a fiercely funny satire…

The Vancouver Sun

Production Details

3 Male

2 Female

95 minutes, 2 acts

By Aaron Bushkowsky

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Production History

My Chernobyl was first co-produced by the Gateway Theatre, Richmond B.C. and the Belfry Theatre, Victoria B.C., in March 2008.

My Chernobyl was awarded Victoria’s Critic’s Choice Award for Best Production and Best Script.

Nominated for 9 Jessie Richardson Awards including Outstanding Production and Outstanding Original Script.

My Chernobyl was published by Playwrights Canada Press, 2009

Photo by Sherry Elasoff, Richmond Gateway Theatre

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