Solo Collective 'The Project', Photo Credit: Robin Greenwood

The Project

By Aaron Bushkowsky

An arrogant film-maker named Fred Justice has an epiphany in a Starbucks lineup and decides he wants to make a film about starving Africans to boost his flagging career, even though he knows little about Africa and even less about starvation.

Fred hires a burnt-out Sharon Stone-type actress looking to rejuvenate her career to travel to Africa and hold babies on her lap, and enlists the support of an African diplomat and a would-be Japanese co-producer. Things get complicated when George, the diplomat, suddenly attempts a coup in the unnamed African country where Fred hopes to film, and kidnaps Fred’s co-producer Yuki, who comes from a billionaire family.

The Project is a black comedy that pokes fun at our Hollywood “artists” with good intentions.

There are lots of funny lines here...Bushkowsky is a witty writer.

The Georgia Straight Vancouver, Canada

This is the kind of play we need these days...this play, contentwise, was excellent.

Review Vancouver Canada

Bushkowsky's 'Project' pokes serious fun at manipulative reality TV...This Project is clever and funny. Unexpectedly it made me reflective after the curtain fell.

The Courier Vancouver, Canada

As a regular theatre-goer in Vancouver, it was a thrill to watch actors delivering a literate, intelligent script by someone who knows how to write.

Plank Magazine Vancouver, Canada

Production Details

2 Male

3 Female

100 minutes, 2 acts

By Aaron Bushkowsky

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Production History

The Project, by critically acclaimed playwright Aaron Bushkowsky, was first produced by Solo Collective Theatre in the fall of 2009 at Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada.

Nominated for four Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards (three for Outstanding Supporting Actor/Actress, one for Outstanding Sound Design)

Lindsey Angell and Andrew McNee, photo by Aaron Bushkowsky

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