(L-R) Hakan Atalay, Serkan Tınmaz, Mustafa Kirantepe in Semavar Kumpanya's production of 'Facts'


By Arthur Milner

A Palestinian cop and an Israeli cop investigate the murder of an American archaeologist teaching in the West Bank.

Facts is a murder mystery set in Hebron. It is a work of fiction, but its starting point is an actual event: the murder in 1992 of Dr. Albert Glock, an American archaeologist teaching at Birzeit University in Ramallah. Two detectives, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, investigate the murder of an American archaeologist. Their main suspect is an Israeli settler. They’re pretty sure he’s guilty, but of what?

(★★★★, Critics’ Choice) ...a deservedly brilliant UK premiere

Time OutLondon, UK

★★★★ Milner’s play, in a taut and volatile production by Caitlin McLeod, proves gripping...It’s a powerful piece that digs deep

Financial TimesLondon, UK

Full of the prickly politics between Arab and Israeli or Arab and Jew. Milner does a good balancing act between the two sides, (or the many sides?) and three electric performances from Richard Greenblatt, Sam Kalilieh and Alex Poch-Goldin.

Lynn SlotkinThe Passionate Playgoer (broadcast on CIUT radio)

Milner’s play cleverly uses the police procedural as a pretext for an ugly confrontation between religion and ideology. Kalilieh, Greenblatt and Poch-Goldin send the Factory Theatre stage soaring to desert temperatures. (rating: 9/10)

The GridTOMartin Morrow

Taut and nuanced, 'Facts' is heady and pointed without being preachy, and offers some fresh and unexpected dynamics. The powerhouse cast of Sam Kalilieh, Richard Greenblatt, and Alex Poch-Goldin deliver expert performances and exude tense chemistry.

Plank MagazineJustin Haigh

Superbly written and directed by Arthur Milner. I really was in the West Bank for 80 minutes.

Mooney on Theatre George Perry

… extremely riveting. … Milner has dared tackle one the most difficult and explosive political questions on earth … a strong will, a confident pen, clear thinking, a well-informed human being, and a writer passionately engaged … This is a powerful play.

Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle

An intense psychological drama, a meticulous police procedural, a history lesson, and a debate encompassing key aspects of the Israel-Palestine conundrum – Canadian playwright Arthur Milner fits all these into a high-energy ninety minutes. And a sensitive director and a cast who hold nothing back capture all the play's power in a flawless production.

Theatre Guide LondonLondon, UK

'Facts' may be the title of Arthur Milner’s drama about a murder on the West Bank, but the focus is firmly on the relationship between the two detectives, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, interrogating the suspect. Politically charged and volatile as the region has been for many years, Milner demonstrates in his tautly written script that humanity trumps politics.

Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle

'Facts' gives the audience a lot to think about and even a few things to laugh about. … On a scale of one to five, 'Facts' gets four and a third.

North Country Public Radio Connie Meng

...consistently fascinating and morbidly absorbing...(Michael Feast's) portrayal of Yossi ... is one of the most powerful individual performances I have seen at the theatre for a long time. Milner’s writing is equally impressive...'Facts' really ought to be seen by as many people as possible.

A Younger TheatreLondon, UK

(★★★ 1/2 stars) The cast is routinely excellent and not a word is wasted in Arthur Milner's gripping and thought-provoking script.

Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle London, UK

★★★★ ...a fantastic piece of theatre

Everything Theatre London, UK

Renowned Canadian playwright Arthur Milner’s Facts has its European premiere at the wonderful Finborough Theatre...finely written and superbly produced

The London MagazineLondon, UK

...you don’t have to be informed to understand this play. Facts are effortlessly woven into the story, they are part of the evidence... a gripping play...makes the Israeli-Palestinian problem more tangible than anything heard from a political pundit.

British Theatre GuideLondon, UK

Facts is an extraordinary, marvellous play...intense, multi-layered production...superb acting and direction

Penny FloodNNET-server.com (London, UK)

A modest production in a nondescript venue puts big-production West End theatre to shame...more talent and content to think about here than in a lifetime of showbiz extravaganzas

UK One WorldLondon, UK

Production Details

3 Male

75 minutes, no intermission.

By Arthur Milner

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Production History

Facts premiered April 15, 2010, at the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, Canada, in co-production with the New Theatre of Ottawa, directed by Patrick McDonald.
Facts was workshopped by the Manitoba Association of Playwrights at its 2004 Playwrights Colony. In 2005, an early version of Facts was produced by Rory Runnels and Who Knows Productions, directed by Ulla Ryum, at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.
Facts is published in Two Plays about Israel/Palestine, iUniverse 2013; and in Double Exposure: Plays of the Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas, Playwrights Canada Press, 2016.
Facts has been translated into Arabic and Turkish.
2010 –  Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC) and New Theatre of Ottawa (NTO), Ottawa, ON
2012 – Facts Assembly at Summerworks, Toronto, ON
2012 – NTO and Alrowwad Cultural Society; Palestine and Israel, in Arabic
2013 – WornRed Theatre/Finborough Theatre, London, U.K.
2014 – Semavar Kumpanya, Istanbul (in Turkish)
2015 – United Players, Vancouver, BC

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