Faking It

By Ivana Shein

Faking it begins at age 6, when Ivana’s parents split up and her hippie mother whisks her off to Big Sur. In typical flighty hippie fashion, Shein’s mother never files any kind of immigration paperwork, resulting in her spending her school years as an illegal resident of California. Periodic visits to Canada to visit her playwright father during this time meant that young Shein developed a precocious knack for fibbing to border guards- a talent that would serve her well as a young actor in Hollywood with an expired student visa, desperately trying not to get kicked out of the country. By faking her way onto the red carpet and TMZ Shein hopes to fake her way into status… Legal immigration status.

'Faking It' is a clever interpretation of ‘making it’ in Los Angeles through the eyes of a Canadian. Shein’s overly humorous take on becoming famous in order to become legal in America has become known as one of the funniest acts at “Zoofest” this summer leaving standing room only available.


Production Details

1 Female, Solo Show

60 minutes

By Ivana Shein

Production History

Began as a piece performed for The Moth.

Produced at ZooFest/Just For Laughs, Brian Finkelstein Directs. July 2013, 14th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd July.

The Lounge Theatre, Los Angeles. Director Brian Finkelstein.  December 2013, Dec 6- Dec 22nd

Comedy Central Stage, Comedy Central Produces, Richard J. Lewis Directs, Dec 10th, 2014.  (Also filmed)

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