Monice Peter & Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski. Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

Every Day She Rose

By Andrea Scott & Nick Green

When racial and queer politics collide at the 2016 Toronto Pride parade, two best friends discover that the things that brought them together may now drive them apart. A hilarious and heartbreaking stare-down of privilege and oppression.


"Every Day She Rose is an important piece of political theatre...Black Lives Matters’ action at Pride shatters a friendship in this of-the-moment play that asks all the right questions...absolutely of the moment."

NOW MagazineSusan G. Cole

"A terrific production of a blazingly intelligent play that challenges our perceptions of race, communication, friendship, respect and how we deal with uncomfortable situations and each other...Every Day She Rose is a bracing, highly charged, funny, intelligent play and it’s important."

The Slotkin LetterLynn Slotkin

"Every Day She Rose is compelling and complex."

Mooney on TheatreS. Bear Bergman

"Every Day She Rose is hilarious when it wants to be, stirring when it needs to be. What’s more, its narrative latitude gives the cast boundless range than most actors can’t get away with in standard story paths....the Scott/Green conception is unarguably theatre gold... Let it be said that ‘sh*t’s gettin’ real’ in this intensely satisfying work."

"(a) thorough and empathetic examination of this watershed moment in the lives of our Black and Queer communities... Every Day She Rose highlights the urgency with which we need to be aware of and attentive to the experiences of our human neighbours and build bridges over those chasms that threaten to divide and destroy us."

Istvan Dugalin

"Black Lives Matter, Pride and how to talk about them go under microscope in provocative new play...The questions that Green and Scott pose to each other, and larger racial, queer, and artistic communities in Toronto around allyship, motives, stories and tokens are — surprise, surprise — not answered in a 75-minute play. But if it does anything, it helps to reinforce the idea that going it alone is not only unnecessary, it’s just not as productive."

The Toronto StarCarly Maga

"I left the theatre with a whirligig of thoughts racing around in my head. In retrospect, that’s what you want good theatre to do. As an audience member you want to be challenged. You want your ideas shaken up. You want your comfort zone tested. Every Day She Rose does exactly that and more, but in a most entertaining way."

Ludwig Van TorontoPaula Citron

"Provocative, fierce and sharply funny, divergent responses to the 2016 Black Lives Matter protest during the Toronto Pride parade force two best friends—a straight Black woman and a gay white man—to examine their relationship and allyship."

Life With More CowbellCate McKim

Production Details

1 tall, white male – early 30’s

1 small, black female – early 30’s

75 minutes (no intermission)

By Andrea Scott & Nick Green

May 11, 2011

PAST EVENT: Every Day She Rose – Nightwood Theatre at Buddies In Bad Times (Toronto, ON) November 24 – December 8, 2019

Production History

Every Day She Rose had a public reading at Genderplay in the Buddies Pride Month performance schedule on June 18, 2017 in Tallulah’s Cabaret. It was financially supported by Sky Gilbert’s Cabaret Company and dramaturged by Andy Cheng.

The play was accepted into Nightwood’s Write from the Hip in Fall 2017. The workshop and subsequent reading was in September 2018 directed by Andrea Donaldson and starring Amanda Cordner and Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski.

Every Day She Rose premiered with Nightwood Theatre November 23-December 8, 2019 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto.

Every Day She Rose was one of NOW Magazine’s best Toronto stage shows to see in November 2019.

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