Lilith Hässle, Nils Strunk. Photo: Konrad Fersterer

antigone lives*

By Susanna Fournier

antigone lives* is an unfaithful re-telling of Sophicles’ original. It’s more like a rave than a play and combines techno, despair, and family politics in a 200 bpm exploration of the carcass of democracy and notions of revolution. There’s also a goat and a pack of jackals attempting to navigate the growing crisis of displaced peoples in our “global village”. Originally commissioned by Residenztheatre as a part of “WELT/BÜHNE” 2018 Festival of international new works in Munich, Germany.

"The bones of Sophocles' play remain the same, but how it's told is what makes antigone lives* so unique and groundbreaking."

The Calgary Herald

"Susanna’s re-telling of this story is part rave and part diatribe. Her script moves freely from the epic to the domestic, the personal to the political, and from the dramatic to the post-dramatic. It’s a wild ride, defying convention in its form and content and leaving so much space for us to bring ourselves and our interpretations to it."

Christine BrubakerDirector, University of Calgary production

Production Details

Without doubling 5 (3 Female, 2 Male + any extras) // With doubling 4 (2 Female, 2 Male)

70 minutes (longer if performed as a rave)

By Susanna Fournier

Production History

The world premiere of antigone liveswas produced by Residenztheatre in Munich, Germany, June 24th, 2018, directed by Rikki Henry.

It was then produced in Calgary, Alberta, directed by Christine Brubaker at the University of Calgary School of Performing Arts.


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