Jennifer Clement, Daren Dyhengco, Julie Leung, Andrew Wheeler. Photo by David Cooper

The Day Before Christmas

By Stacey Kaser & Alison Kelly


Alex is a perfectionist who is desperately holding fast to her Christmas traditions. While juggling family and work—and a movie star—she loses control of her holiday plans, and her home becomes a disaster zone. Can she save the turkey from the dog and salvage a broken-down tree? Find out in this infectious comedy that is sure to make the holidays bright.

In their newest red and green production 'The Day Before Christmas', Arts Club examines the light and dark sides of the holidays through a sharp, humorous lens that will resonate with everyone who sits in the audience... Stacey Kaser and Alison Kelly’s script is one of the most poignant, refreshing takes on yuletide yearning we’ve seen in a long time. The tension and turmoil of the year’s most challenging and rewarding season is treated with subtlety but still filled with exciting, fun, and emotional moments.

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Production Details

2 Female

4 Male

Approx. 2 hours 15 minutes, including one intermission

By Stacey Kaser & Alison Kelly

December 21, 2010

PAST EVENT: The Day Before Christmas – Arts Club (Vancouver, BC) November 16–December 24, 2017

Production History

Premiered at The Arts Club Theatre (Goldcorp Stage, BMO Theatre Centre) in 2016.

Returned for a second year to The Arts Club Theatre (Goldcorp Stage, BMO Theatre Centre) and ran November 16-December 24, 2017.

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