Michael Mysterious

By Geoffrey Simon Brown

Michael joins a new family. It builds and burns around him. Sometimes he wonders if he is invisible.

When Michael’s grandmother dies, he is taken in by the mother of his estranged childhood best friend and invited to live at her new boyfriend’s suburban home. Arlene wants a family. July wants to leave. Jeremy wants to fit in. Paul wants to be young again. Everyone wants Michael to be something; Michael needs a place to be.

"Michael Mysterious is one of those rare plays where you’ll be crying from laughter one moment, and then be heartbroken the next. It’s beautifully written with honest, visceral characters we feel like we grew up with."

Patrick LundeenPyretic Productions

"Michael Mysterious is a beautifully crafted, relevant, gut-wrenchingly funny, and heartbreaking play."

Patrick LundeenPyretic Productions

Production Details

3 Male

2 Female

90 minutes (no intermission)

By Geoffrey Simon Brown

Production History

Upcoming production with Pyretic Productions, Edmonton, November 2020

Workshop reading at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, February 2017

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