Shawn Macdonald, Deborah Williams & Dallas Sauer. Photo credit: Belle Ancell Photography

Lowest Common Denominator

By Dave Deveau

Lowest Common Denominator explores the complicated web of intergenerational relationships and single-parenting as it unearths the darkness that surfaces when we’re confronted with something that challenges our moral fabric.

Harmony Meyer is trying to get back on her feet after a messy divorce, and while renewing her car insurance asks Peter, her insurance agent, on a date. Over the course of an alcohol-fueled dinner, there is a palpable connection – it seems these two have known each other for years.

It also becomes apparent that Peter is gay, something he shares in common with Harmony’s seventeen-year-old son Trevor, who has just come out. When Harmony accidentally stumbles upon the two of them kissing, something changes in her and the tragic new course of all three of their lives is set in motion.

In Act Two we discover Harmony and Peter on a beach sipping cocktails and speaking about the friendship they could have had – this becomes Harmony’s happy place where she is in control and the reality of the world flows in accordance to her desires. Unfortunately, however, in the real world, it soon becomes clear that in the wake of Trevor’s eighteenth birthday, he and Peter have been seeing each other, and are now in a serious relationship. The more she pushes, the closer Trevor inevitably gets to Peter. As the relationship between Trevor and Peter deepens, Harmony sees no other options and goes on the warpath, threatening Peter’s livelihood, his public image, his reputation.

The sheer vigour and inventiveness of the writing is bracing, and 'Lowest Common Denominator' is an excellent argument accelerant.

Georgia StraightColin Thomas

Dave Deveau's 'Lowest Common Denominator' is a welcome addition to the Canadian drama canon

Fun! Fun! Vancouver

'Lowest Common Denominator' reinforces Dave Deveau's status as one of Vancouver's finest playwrights and one of our country's finest gay writers.


Production Details

2 Male

1 Female

120 minutes (including intermission)

By Dave Deveau

Production History

Lowest Common Denominator was commissioned and produced by Zee Zee Theatre in 2014 and nominated for three Jessie Richardson Awards.

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