Scott Button & Lindsay Winch. Photo credit: Mark Halliday, Moonrider Productions


By Dave Deveau

Online. Out of line.

The anonymous online world gives us permission to say and do things we would never do in real life. But where do we draw the line between fun and maliciousness? The harsh realities of cyber bullying and what happens when we’re discovered come to a head in tagged. As an Officer investigates Jerri and Webber, two young adults, in the incessant online harassment of a fellow student, not all is as it appears to be. Do these teens actually understand the consequences of their actions? Or have they even caught the right people? How responsible are we for the words that we type and what they lead others to do? Torn from the headlines, tagged dissects the dangerous potential for harm that exists between social media and young minds.

Themes: Digital Citizenship |  Social Responsibility |  Cyber Bullying |  Social Pressure

Deveau lays out the pieces of this dramatic jigsaw puzzle enticingly, but he rightly doesn’t supply the answers… when the lights come up there’s lots to think about and discuss.

NOW MagazineJon Kaplan

Deveau has captured this culture of filming everything as record… It’s a culture where being famous, and known is more important than being responsible. I squirmed all the way through it for all the right reasons

Lynn Slotkin, Slotkin Letter

Drama has to address this reality and 'Tagged' is one of the best plays do so in a way that still emphasizes values of theatre over technical wizardry.

Stage DoorChristopher Hoile

The 50 minutes are raw and honest, talking to teens on a level they deserve about real issues they're grappling with and may not always know how to navigate.

The Examiner

'Tagged' is an important play reflecting the world that teens live in. I think every teenager and his/her parent should see 'Tagged'.

Lynn Slotkin, Slotkin Letter

Production Details

1 Male

2 Female

 Theatre for Young Audiences

50 minutes

By Dave Deveau

Production History

Tagged was commissioned and premiered by Green Thumb Theatre during the 2013-2014 season and toured across Canada over two years.

The play garnered two Jessie Richardson Award nominations including Outstanding Production, as well as  Dora Nomination for Outstanding Production.

It was subsequently commissioned in a Hebrew translation and is touring Israel in 2015 and 2016 with Nephesh Theatre.

Kayla Deorksen, Lindsay Winch & Scott Button. Photo: Mark Halliday

Young People's Theatre Poster. Photo credit: Mark Halliday, Moonrider Productions

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