TORRI WEBSTER, Photo by: Merik Williams

Elly’s Emotions

Book, music and lyrics by Anika Johnson & Barbara Johnston

‘If you think that I’m weird and I think that you’re weird then we could just agree that weird is just a word. And if you’re singing your song and I’m singing mine then I bet we’ll make the greatest piece of music ever heard.’

Equal parts hilarious and touching, Elly’s Emotions tells the story of a very sensitive girl with a huge imagination. Elly’s yoga teacher mom doesn’t believe in gluten or corporate toys, but Elly is still the most popular kid on her street thanks to her crazy ideas and fun make-believe games. But when her neighbor Noah gets a new video-gaming system, no one wants to play outside with her anymore. Now, everyone thinks Elly is WEIRD. In her quest to be normal, Elly ends up on an accidental crime spree, kidnapping a squirrel, stealing a Wii, and alienating even her imaginary friends. Will Elly ever figure out how to be normal? Or is weird actually wonderful?

Themes: Creativity | Self-Acceptance | Popularity

At the Fringe Kids venue, children and adults alike leapt to their feet at the end of 'Elly’s Emotions', our favourite musical of the festival. It was a hit with patrons of all ages – adults enjoyed the clever lyrics and kids loved the exaggerated characters.

The TorontoistSteve Fisher

This first-rate musical by the talented Anika Johnson and Barbara Johnston is sharply written and directed and features a winning ensemble of actors. Full of invention, throwaway comic lines and clever plot twists, it will delight viewers of any age.

NOW MagazineJon Kaplan

A high-energy must-see musical. It resonated with me as a parent because it reminded me of the importance of free play where kids use their imaginations. I glanced at my kid several times, and he was captivated throughout the play.

Mooney on TheatreCatherine Jan

Production Details

3 Female

2 Male

45 minutes, no intermission

Theatre for Young Audiences. Appropriate for all ages, target 6-12 years old

 Book, music and lyrics by Anika Johnson and Barbara Johnston

Production History

Premiered at the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival, starring YTV’s Torri Webster
Named by NOW Magazine as Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Production, and Outstanding Ensemble
November 2014 – Theatre Collingwood
April 2015 – Solar Stage
Nominated for Best TYA Production and Best Direction at the 2015 Dora Awards

Elly's Emotions at Toronto Fringe, 2014

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