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Marquis Entertainment Inc.
73 Richmond St West, Suite #312
Toronto, ON M5H 4E8
416-960-9123 x 223
Please visit for Marquis Entertainment Productions.
For general inquiries on our clients and plays, licensing information and other questions, please contact:
Colin Rivers, Managing Literary Agent
Geneviève Trottier, Literary Assistant


We accept submissions by email only. Best efforts will be made to reply to all queries however, we cannot guarantee a response. Submissions should be no more than two pages and should include a synopsis of one play and information about the author and his or her writing credits.  In addition, please submit the first 10 pages of the play as a writing sample (pdf).
Please do not send a complete script or post hard copies of scripts / original materials (they will not be returned).
We are not accepting screenplay submissions at this time.

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