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Jill Daum is graduate of the Studio 58 acting program and has been working as an actor and writer for over 35 years. She is also one of the co-creators and performers in the internationally acclaimed trilogy of plays: Moms the Word, Moms the Word 2: Unhinged and Moms the Word – For Crying Out Loud. She is currently working on a stage play Forget About Tomorrow for The Arts Club Theatre about a woman whos’ husband is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimers.

Jill also has a passion for children’s literature and reviews books for B.C. Global TV.

Published Works

...the way the creators have used their experiences and insights to communicate a whole world of emotions and discoveries means this cabaret can be appreciated and embraced by a much broader audience of men and women. Just don’t forget your Kleenex. The tears are never too far behind the laughter in this one.

Barbara Crook, The Vancouver Sun Vancouver, Canada

…All the stories have the ring of truth and hilarious familiarity, and are cunningly arranged in a structure that is both satisfying and theatrical.

Michael Coveney, The Daily Mail London, UK

Mom’s the Word is a beautifully crafted show, full of warm, tragic-comedy rhythm of life and absolutely impossible to dislike…providing one of the funniest and most enjoyable girls’ nights out currently on offer in Britain.

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman Glasgow, UK