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Annabel is a playwright and freelance writer. She is the co-author of bittergirl, Bittergirl: Getting Over Getting Dumped and bittergirl – the musical. Her writing has been published online and in print in publications such as Today’s Parent; Canadian Family; the Toronto Star, and numerous websites. Annabel also runs a mobile yoga, Pilates and meditation studio. She can be found at

Published Works

Go see bittergirl...They’re having a blast dredging up their own - and others - painful experience of heartbreak... They’re getting the last laugh and sharing it with an audience...these women are fabulous - what idiot would dump them?

NOW MagazineGlenn Sumi

The intertwined word play and quick gear shifts between song bites seem so effortless, you could almost take it for granted. But don’t. A flashy, high-energy show…

Lennie MacPherson, The Guardian Charlottetown, PEI