Charlie Gould & Michael Ayres. Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz

What I Call Her

By Ellie Moon

The estranged mother of 25-year old Kate is on her death bed. A Facebook post becomes the subject of heated debate. Then, a knock on the door. A play about gaps in how people perceive and understand the world they live in, female generational rage, and the loneliness of holding onto one’s own truth.


"What I Call Her is enlightening in its agony...what Moon and director Sarah Kitz are able to do with the psychology of trauma and conflicting family narratives is remarkable."

The Globe and MailMartha Schabas

"Sharp writing and skilled performances make this play a fascinating take on memory and denial."

NOW MagazineSusan G. Cole

"Moon develops this conversation with bare truth and passion. She investigates where our anger comes from, or our fear, and how quickly we can change from the person we think ourselves to be... An excellent play that provokes thought and consideration."

My Entertainment WorldAmy Strizic

Production Details

2 Female

1 Male

90 minutes (no intermission)

By Ellie Moon

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Production History

Premiered November 2018 with In Association in partnership with Crow’s Theatre

The script is available through PGC’s Canadian Play Outlet 

Michael Ayres & Charlie Gould. Photo: Dahlia Katz

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