Adrian Rebucas, Lauren MacKinlay, Anne van Leeuwen, Richard Young & Carson Pinch. Photo by Megan Terris

The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome

By Michael Ross Albert

When a painter tears the artwork off the walls of a struggling independent gallery, the relationships between a group of emerging artists are also torn apart.

A comedy about envy, friendship, sex, art, and our constant search for something better.

"A cause for celebration."

NYTheatre Now

"The playwright has a knack for infusing his naturalistic dialogue with hints of poetics and hard-hitting social commentary… Astrodome is an example of Fringe at its best."

Stagelight Magazine

"The rapid-fire dialogue does not disappoint."

Mooney On Theatre

"Heartfelt, insightful discussions about the art world, the nature of art and creativity, and the artist’s place within it all—and the existential crisis every artist must confront regarding their work..."

Life with More Cowbell

Production Details

3 Male

2 Female

70 minutes (1 act, no intermission)

By Michael Ross Albert

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October 5, 2019

The Huns – One For One Collective at Brighton Fringe, The Warren (UK) May 15-20, 2020

January 25, 2011

PAST EVENT: The Grass Is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome – High Park Productions at Toronto Fringe (ON) July 4-15, 2018

Production History

The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome was first produced at 64E4 Mainstage as part of the 18th Annual New York International Fringe Festival. The production was directed by Brandon Stock.

Produced at The Toronto Fringe Festival, 2018

The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome is published in Best American Short Plays 2014-2015. The text is also available on Indie Theatre Now & through PGC’s Canadian Play Outlet. Excerpts from the play appear in both Best Women’s and Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2016, published by Smith & Kraus.

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