Sudden Death

By Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

John Kordic is determined to get back into the Show. He will play in the NHL again. He will taste glory.  He’s got a suit, a meeting, and new purpose… but he’s also got a host of demons who have other plans for him…. Sudden Death, tells the story of the infamous Canadian enforcer John Kordic’s last night and his last fight.

Sudden Death has a companion piece,  Cindy: A Perfect Circle.   It takes place on the same night as Sudden Death and shares one scene, but otherwise follows John’s fiancee, Cindy. Cindy is hard at work at a Montreal strip club when an unexpected guest shows up….her wicked step-mother. Cindy: A Perfect Circle, tells the story of Cindy’s last dance.

NNNN - You won't find a more intense, riveting play than 'Sudden Death', Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman's surreal, highly theatrical take on the life - and demise - of NHL enforcer John Kordic... a story that'll fascinate you like that explosive accident you know is going to happen but can't help watching.

NOW MagazineJon Kaplan

Playwright Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman has done a tremendous job of exploring this dark underbelly of Canada’s game. Sudden Death is more riveting than Game 7 of The Finals...I can’t think of anything I disliked about Sudden Death.

Mooney on TheatreGeorge Perry

...if this is what the future of Canadian theatre looks like, count me in as a subscriber. Best count yourselves in, too. Corbeil-Coleman has cleverly constructed what she imagines to be the last night of Kordic's life into a three-period - plus overtime - game set in the Quebec City motel room where everything came undone.

Montreal GazetteBill Brownstein

Production Details

5 Male

2 Female

70 minutes

By Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman

Production History

Sudden Death presented at the NEXT STAGE festival in 2013 (Dir. Matthew MacKenzie). Originally written at National Theatre School as a part one of two companion plays for the graduating class.

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