Alex Poch-Goldin & Stephen Guy-McGrath. Photo Credit: Dean Baldwin


By Stephen Guy-McGrath & Steven Mayoff

The critically-acclaimed play Bully by Stephen Guy-McGrath and Steven Mayoff is a heart-breaking, tragically comic tale of science and the dark side of human nature.   It is the story of Eugene-Michael Carter II, a boy who has become unglued by one traumatic event in his life.  After an encounter with his personal bully, Carter is left to put the pieces of a fragmented world back together.  In a desperate attempt to decipher truth from fantasy and theory, he draws on the help of an imaginary friend, and builds a universe made of scientific ponderings, the theories of Stephen Hawking and his own dreams of flight.

The script has inspired multiple viscerally staged productions with awe-inspiring theatricality and emotional verite. 

BULLY is a “major dramatic achievement!”, a “sophisticated”, ”innovative” and “powerful story”. If Carl Sagan and Cirque du Soleil got together, BULLY would be their love child! 

NNNN - " can't go wrong with Bully's dramatic formula: clever text + moving performances x the magic of flying = an engaging hour of theatre."

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Production Details

2 Male

60 minutes

By Stephen Guy-McGrath & Steven Mayoff

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Production History

BULLY premiered in Toronto in October 2002, presented by Strange/Momentum at the Theatre Centre. Produced by Colin Rivers for Strange/Momentum Theatre Projects the show featured Stephen Guy-McGrath as Carter, Alex Poch-Golden as Hawking. Set design by A.Shay Hann & Lighting by Rick Banville.

BULLY ran at Theatre Orangeville October-November, 2003.

Alex Poch-Goldin was nominated for the Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male for his role in BULLY

Stephen Guy-McGrath & Alex Poch-Goldin. Photo by: Dean Baldwin

Alex Poch-Goldin & Stephen Guy-McGrath. Photo: Dean Baldwin

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