Book Club

By Kristen Da Silva

Josh joined book club to get close to Annie. Small issue: Annie is oblivious to Josh’s feelings for her…and she’s engaged to another man.

When Josh’s two friends – a womanizing trainer and a heartbroken nerd – realize book club is a novel place to meet women, the ensuing gathering makes for a fast-paced comedy about friendship, first impressions, and figuring out what we really want in life.

 The latest book club meet-up promises to be the most engaging one yet… even if they never get around to discussing the book.

"The script has a sitcom's rapid fire pacing and wit while possessing some real warmth."

Hamilton View

"Hilariously awkward"

The Echo

Production Details

3 Male

3 Female

90 minutes, with intermission

By Kristen Da Silva

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March 23, 2011

PAST EVENT: The Book Club – Friends of Majestic Theatre (Bashaw, AB) April 4-20, 2019

Production History

Book Club was first produced by There’s a Production in partnership with August Theatre Co. in Hamilton, Ontario in August, 2015.

The script is available for purchase through PGC’s Canadian Play Outlet.

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