Michael Melski is an award-winning writer-director of feature films, as well as one of Canada’s leading playwrights. His Merritt and Dora-nominated Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad was a smash hit at Toronto’s Factory Theatre, and named one of the ‘Top Ten Plays of The Year’ by the Toronto Star, and his many other plays have been published and produced across Canada and in the U.S.  A writing resident of Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre, Michael’s first feature film as writer-director was the comedy Growing Op, starring Rosanna Arquette and Wallace Langham. A hit at film festivals in 2008, and theatrically released by Mongrel Media, Growing Op was acquired by LA’s Shoreline Entertainment and won Best International Comedy Feature at the New York International Film Festival. Growing Op has since sold to over fifty countries worldwide, and is an enduring hit on VOD, Netflix and the Sundance Channel across North America.

Michael’s second feature, the dramatic thriller Charlie Zone, distributed by Myriad Pictures, swept the awards at the 2011 Atlantic Film Festival, winning Best Feature Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Actor. Charlie Zone has since won awards for Best Dramatic Feature at the ImagineNative Film Festival and premiered internationally to the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in Europe. Charlie Zone was one of eight feature films selected for Perspective Canada at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and has sold to countries around the world. It was theatrically released in Canada to critical acclaim, with the Toronto Star calling Michael “A Filmmaker to Watch”. The film’s U.S. rights were acquired by Anchor Bay in 2013 and the film has recently sold to Japan, Australia, Israel, and Greece.

Michael also wrote the feature films Mile Zero and Touch Go, and has written and directed for network television, including the CTV hit series Robson Arms, Global’s Blue Murder and CBC’s Snakes and Ladders and Street Cents,  as well as  documentaries and music videos. He is currently in post-production on the feature documentary Perfume War, as well as his third feature film as director, the supernatural thriller The Child Remains, starring Suzanne Clement and Allan Hawco, to be released in October 2016.

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Among many honors, Michael has been called “A Talent to Watch” (Playback, Now Magazine, Canadian Living, The Coast, The Chronicle Herald) “An important new voice in Canadian fiction” (Atlantic Books Today) and named one of “100 Canadians To Watch” by MacLeans.

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(Michael Melski) writes like people talk and if that isn't a definition of good dialogue then I don't know what is.

The Toronto Star(Toronto, Canada)

Scoring on the Sidelines...charm, humour and skill...Michael Melski's 'Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad' has these qualities, plus a setting that's commonplace in the outside world but unusual to the point of being exotic in the theatre - a double recommendation.

The National Post(Toronto/National, Canada)

(Praise for 'Hockey Mom, Hockey Dad')...This show is much more about the game of love than the game of hockey, but Melski doesn't spare the barbs when it comes to showing the beastly behaviour of overly-serious hockey parents. Most of it is in a humorous vein, but the point is made.

The Star Phoenix (Saskatoon, Canada)

(Praise for 'The Fly Fisher's Companion') Michael Melski's charming comedy has a genuine feel for the many pulls and pushes of a lifelong friendship...

Vancouver Sun(Vancouver, Canada)